Clinical Team Presentation

by Pedro Alvarez Diaz

I’m Dr. Pedro Alvarez Diaz MD. PhD specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology. Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and Director of the Anatomy Department of the International University of Calalunya (UIC-Barcelona).

I am working in the Team of Dr. Ramon Cugat in the Hospital Quirón in Barcelona and Catalan Association of Soccer players.

Our clinical point of interest is the treatment of ostoarticular pathologies using minimally invasive surgeries as arthroscopy as well as the treatment and development of biological therapies for patient recovery.

Our group is a leader in the treatment of ligamentous, meniscal, chondral sports pathology, in all joints of the body. Our work in the treatment of ACL lesions stands out, with our group performing more than 500 surgeries per year, greatly increasing the number of surgeries in women and children in recent years. Also I would like to point out the great experience in treatment of meniscus pathology based on its preservation by meniscal sutures as in its replacement. In this aspect, the development of surgical techniques such as arthroscopic meniscal transplantation and the participation of our group in clinical studies of synthetic meniscus of polyurethane is very relevant.

Another study aspect of our group is the study and treatment of the chondral pathology using biological treatments using PRP and Stem Cells. Actually, Dr. Cugat has developed a biological matrix for chondral treatment called PRGF Biomatrix CN.

Our scientific group has also been involved in biomechanical research regarding neuromuscular response studies using innovative techniques such as tensiomiography.

Finally, we emphasize that we are part of the García Cugat Foundation and our main objective is the study of biological therapies in the field of ostearticular pathology. As a result of these studies, more than 10 doctoral theses have been done and more than 100 articles have been published in scientific journals as well as several book chapters have been written.