CUTTING EDGE Issue 01, November 2014

The digital operating room - by Heinz U. Lemke

Cutting Edge is the newsletter of the International Society of Computer Aided Surgery (ISCAS). It provides a platform for informal communication among the members of the society and we welcome readers’ contributions (see details on page 10). All the articles are posted to the new ISCAS blog at and the readers are welcome to comment and discuss the articles.

We hope that the newsletter and blog will encourage communication on many important aspects that are usually not discussed in technical papers and develop a fraternity within the community members.

Articles of this issue:

A letter from the president
by Pierre Jannin

Meet the ISCAS members…
by Dohi Takeyoshi

Connecting Young Investigators at CARS 2014
by Cristian A. Linte and Jumpei Arata

On advancing healthcare with the wisdom of the masses
by Lena Maier-Hein

Prime time for Computer Aided Surgery and Medical Image Processing: a personal perspective
by Leo Joskowicz

Interoperability standards for medical device integration in the OR and issues relating to international approval procedures (Part I)
by Heinz U. Lemke

How to win registration challenges without hard work
by Reuben Shamir

Focus on Lab: Navigation and Augmented Reality Visualization System Laboratory (NARVIS)
by Pascal Fallavollita

Free Resources
by Amber Simpson

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