ISCAS AWARD Winners 2016 : Cristina Suarez Mejias

I am a doctoral student at Virgen del Rocio University Hospital specializing in medical image analysis. I am a Telecommunication Engineer that obtained my MSc in Electronic and Signal and Communications Theory at the Seville University, Spain where I participated in the design and development of software for surgical planning with virtual reality and medical images. I design algorithms for medical image analysis with surgical and oncologic applications for Decision Support Systems. I have contributed to 28 R&D projects, have 4 patents, 2 intellectual property registers, 23 papers and participated in more than 50 conferences. I am a member of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) and AEN/CTN 190 Standards Committees.

Currently, I am investigating surgical planning for soft tissue interventions. I received the ISCAS award based on my dissertation work describing the design of an algorithm for selection of tissue with diffused contours in CT images with application to the segmentation of retroperitoneal tumors. The algorithm is based on the continuous convex relaxation approach and includes an accumulated gradient distance. There appear to be no previous papers describing segmentation of retroperitoneal tumors. The proposed algorithm provided accurate segmentation of the tumor region, contour delineation, and volume estimation.
The biggest obstacles in my research career are the limited funding for research and the search for a stable job. The government should be involved alleviating these barriers. The CARS/ISCAS community is an excellent forum where researchers can show their research and interact with end users or funding agencies.

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