ISCAS Blog and Newsletter team meeting

At this past CARS, ISCAS celebrated its 20th anniversary. The conference was a success — with many great talks, conversation and discussion among colleagues and nice evenings spent among friends. To mark the occasion the editors of the ISCAS Blog and Newsletter held their first official meeting (see photo) and among other things discussed how we can serve the ISCAS community to provide them with news, blog entries, and information that’s relevant and interesting to you — the reader. In the coming issues we hope you’ll enjoy a mix of current research happening in the field, news on the topics pertinent to CAS, posts from award winners and labs and job/trainees/scholarship postings. Of course, if you have any news, blog entries, job postings or suggestions about the blog please let us know by emailing Marta Kersten.

We hope you’ll enjoy this issue and all those to come!

Marta Kersten (on behalf of all the editors)

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