Message from ISCAS President

by Kensaku Mori

My name is Kensaku Mori. I was elected as the President of the ISCAS in June of 2018. The former President, Prof. Pierre Jannin, made the ISCAS society a solid one. I would like to inherit his strong leadership to make ISCAS better.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all ISCAS members for your support to our ISCAS community.

I have started medical image processing research in 1991. I was working on computer-assisted lung nodule detection from 3D chest X-ray CT images followed by virtual endoscopy. My background on image processing led me to the computer-aided surgery field.

ISCAS was founded in 1997 as the first international society to promote computer-assisted surgery. Computer-assisted surgery is a novel research field that creates new surgery assistance devices including surgical navigation or robotic surgery. Surgery workflow analysis or surgical behavior analysis is also becoming a hot research area in CAS. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also drastically changing the field of CAS. Higher-level fusion of devices and autonomous control based on AI will become important keywords in CAS. ISCAS should be the hub where researchers in various fields from all over the world meet. I would like to make ISCAS the place where such researchers come and discuss through the annual meeting, endorsed events or online communications in collaboration with other related societies. I hope this society becomes the home of CAS research. Collaboration with other societies including MICCAI is important. An extended collaboration plan should be developed.

These ISCAS goals cannot be achieved without the support from ISCAS members. I would like to ask all members to cooperate for advancing this society.

I am very delighted to work with all of you.

Kensaku Mori
President, ISCAS
Professor, Nagoya University