Q&A with Terry Peters

Terry Peters

Pr. Terry Peters, Medical Imaging; Medical Biophysics; Grad Chair Biomedical Engineering; Director, Biomedical Imaging research Centre.

Affiliation: Robarts Research Institute, Western University.

Number of grad students (kids & grandkids ;-)): Lifetime Grad students/postdocs: 100; Grand/Great grand-kids – too many to count.

Q: What is the most important goal that you would like to achieve in your professional career?

A: To see former trainees excel in their chosen careers; see laboratory research reduced to practice in the clinic

Q: Could you share one of the achievements that you’re most proud of?

A: My early work as a PhD student relating to the development of CT image reconstruction

Q: What is the best advice that you’ve received?

A: Embrace your chosen career path with  passion and never look back!

Q: Is there something you could share that you would have done differently pertaining to your professional life? Or advice you’d give an up and coming researcher?

A: Don’t be guided by the opinion of a single expert. It may be short-sighted of a knee-jerk response. Solicit  views from many and form your own conclusions.

Q: What do you believe is the greatest challenge that we, as CAS researchers, face today?

A: The inertia of Industry invested in the status quo, and the burden of regulatory approvals.

Q: Could you share something personal about yourself? A photo, a story, a hobby, a favourite book, etc.

A: To chill out I enjoy creating gourmet meals and singing in a Choral group. Enjoy historical novels by authors such as Ken Follett, Bryce Courtney and Jeffrey Archer.

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