Q&A with Kevin Cleary

Prof. Kevin Cleary, Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation

Q: What are the keywords that better describe the emerging technologies for CAS? The future of CAS?

A: Minimally invasive, image-guided interventions, MRI-guided interventions, image fusion

Q: What were the main achievements of the last 20 years in CAS?

A: Moving CAS from the laboratory clinical practice. At the recent Society of Interventional Radiology conference in Vancouver, more than 10 companies showed FDA approved studies for image-guided biopsy.

Q: What do you regret ?

A: That we have not been able to recruit more U.S. colleagues for the conference

Q: What are you proud of ?

A: That the society has championed the field for many years and a large number of the participants are clinicians.

Q: Where are you now compared to where you thought you will be 20 years ago?

A: The technology in some ways has become a commodity and now the trick is to package the technology in a usable clinical workflow.

Q: Do you have an anecdote/story from a previous conference you want to share ?

A: I remember when Ramin Shahidi and I started the ISCAS boat cruise tradition in Chicago at CARS 2004. We had a nice cruise around the Chicago inner harbor and lake. We had no idea it would become an annual tradition!

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