Q&A with Luc Soler

Prof. Luc Soler, Scientific Director, IRCAD-IHU

Q: What is the most important goal that you would like to achieve in your professional career ?

A: Fully automated non rigid real-time registration for augmented reality in laparoscopic surgery with 1mm of precision.

Q: Could you share one of the achievements that you’re most proud of ?

A: My children first… But of course it should not be the awaited answer. So the “Visible Patient” project that reached to the creation of the Startup in 2013.

Q: What is the best advice that you’ve received ?

A: Never Give up !

Q: Is there something you could share that you would have done differently pertaining to your professional life? Or advice you’d give an up and coming researcher ?

A: Nobody will assist you if you do not say you need assistance, and everybody need assistance one day, me, you, everydoby… Everybody, need somebody to learn.

Q: What do you believe is the greatest challenge that we, as CAS researchers, face today ?

A: Deep learning and data mining

Q: Could you share something personal about yourself? A photo, a story, a hobby, a favourite book, etc.

A: I started my carrier with a training period in Nicholas Ayache team in 1994 were I used one of the first head mounted display with touch-less interface developed by this INRIA team (see attached photo of me). 22 years later Head Mounted display are still actuality as well as touch-less interface, the technology is smaller and more powerful, but finally not so different except that image processing is highly faster and display chipset more efficient and smaller.

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