ISCAS AWARD Winners 2017 : Yumeji Takeichi

I have received both a Medical degree and Ph.D. from Nagoya City University, Nagoya Japan. Originally, my specialty was in head and neck reconstructions.

At Nagoya City University, I have developed a new reconstructive material “internal mammary artery combined flap” for maxillofacial reconstruction, and a new method for the oropharyngeal dynamic reconstruction “temporal muscle dynamic suspension of free flaps” in total glossectomy.

For the new internal mammary artery combined flap method, I have been honored with an award: The second prize award for best clinical paper at the 4th congress of the world society for reconstructive microsurgery (2007, Athens, Greece).

In 2002, I moved to Aichi Medical University and my specialty changed to congenital diseases like microtia and hemifacial deformity. To correct asymmetry of such cases, I have applied CAD/CAM procedures. Since 2009, I have been collaborating with Prof. Hirotaka Iguchi (Nagoya City University) and Dr. Hisato Motai to achieve these CADC/AM procedures.

Our CAD/CAM procedure consists of three parts: (1) 3D templates for maxillofacial osteotomy and breast plasty, (2) custom made implants for facial plasty, and (3) 3D picture analysis for facial asymmetric diseases using the Zebra striping technique and “Moire mapping technique” that we have developed.

Our paper, which received the ISCAS-CARS Best Poster award is about the 3D negative mold templates for breast reconstructions which were made in consideration of mamma’s dropping.


We have achieved these CAD/CAM procedure as a cooperative research. In the second photograph, taken during the CARS 2013 meeting in Heidelberg, I am standing with my researcher collaborators. Currently, we are establishing a new 3D medical research laboratory in Toyota, Japan, which will open next April in 2018.


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