CUTTING EDGE Issue 05, September 2016

Implantable Glucose BioFuel Cell (IGBFC), connected to a wireless device transmitting in real time data characterizing performance of the IGBFC when implanted in an animal. © TIMC-IMAG, UMR5525 UGA-CNRS

Cutting Edge is the newsletter of the International Society of Computer Aided Surgery (ISCAS). It provides a platform for informal communication among the members of the society and we welcome readers’ contributions. All the articles are posted to the new ISCAS blog at and the readers are welcome to comment and discuss the articles. We hope that the newsletter and blog will encourage communication on many important aspects that are usually not discussed in technical papers and develop a fraternity within the community members.

Sincerely yours,
Cutting Edge Editors

Articles of this issue:

News about ISCAS blog

ISCAS blog to publish a job board

ISCAS Blog and Newsletter team meeting

ISCAS AWARD Winners 2016

Thomas Vaughan

Cristina Suarez Mejias

Loris Fichera

Rina Zelmann

Doniel Drazin


Terry Peters

Philippe Cinquin

Luc Soler

Kevin Cleary

ISCAS endorsed events

The 28th international conference of the international Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (iSMIT)

1st Annual Spinal Navigation, Emerging Technologies & Systems Integration

Other articles

3rd YINS at the ISCAS conference at CARS 2016 in Heidelberg

High-end surgical simulators or simple surgical training apps?

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